ioquake3 aims to build upon id Software’s Quake III Arena source code (released on August 20, 2005 under the GPLv2). Since then, they have been cleaning up, fixing bugs, and adding features. The permanent goal is to create the open source distribution upon which people base their games and projects as well as produce the perfect version of the engine for playing Quake III Arena, Team Arena, and all popular mods.

The list of improvements include:

  • Ports to new platforms
  • Off-server data downloads (http redirection) via HTTP and FTP with cURL
  • OpenAL sound rendering allowing for surround (5.1 and 7.1) speaker layouts and generally improved sound quality. Especially on the Windows Vista Operating System.
  • Ogg Vorbis audio decoding.
  • In-engine VOIP support, with optional Mumble player-location support.
  • IPV6 Networking. We’re ready to frag on the net of the future!
  • SDL backend for the OpenGL context, window management, and input. This also improves portability.
  • Anaglyph stereo rendering (for viewing with 3D glasses)
  • Full x86-64 architecture support
  • Rewritten PowerPC JIT compiler, with ppc64 support
  • New SPARC JIT compiler, with support for both sparc32 and sparc64
  • Compilation with MinGW and cross-compilation for Windows from Linux
  • Improved console command auto-completion
  • Persistent console command history
  • Improved QVM (Quake Virtual Machine) tools
  • Colored terminal output on POSIX operating systems
  • GUID System
  • Multiuser support on Windows systems (user-specific game data is stored in their respective Application Data folders)
  • PNG format support for textures
  • Inter-Quake Model support
  • Numerous security fixes

Derivative games of this project include Smokin Guns, Tremulous and World of Padman.

Using ioquake3 as your Quake III Arena game engine is HIGHLY recommended. Make sure also that all your patches are up to date.

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High-Resolution Texture Replacement Pack

This texture pack from Paul Marshall (aka Kpax) replaces the original textures in Quake III Arena with high-resolution versions, giving the game a serious graphical facelift (looks fantastic on modern video cards). It is licensed under the creative commons.

Unzip this file to your baseq3 directory, note that pure servers will need to have the file as well.

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ThreeWave Capture the Flag

The Threewave CTF mod is purely astonishing in the way it has been adapted for for Quake III Arena. Those who are familiar with the Quake and Quake II versions will find their jaws on the floor after looking at the improvements and expansion that Threewave CTF has undergone in being updated.

You get 5 seperate basic gametypes: Threewave CTF, Classic Threewave CTF, Threewave Capture Strike, and Threewave versions of everybody's favourite deathmatch and team deathmatch. All of this is choosable between matches via a very intuitive hub level that includes 4 gameplay style/types of it's own. There is so much more going on than the standard CTF game that came packaged with Quake III Arena.

No matter what gametype you play, you can expect a fast and furious game right off from the start. 

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Quake 3 Fortress

Quake 3 Fortress is a class-based mod that brings TeamFortress / TeamFortress Classic to Quake III Arena. Players select from one of nine classes and play on the red or blue team. The primary game type is Capture the Flag, though maps created by the community allow for additional game types such as dueling.

The classes in the game are as follows:


The reconnaissance class of Q3F, the 'Recon' is by far the fastest guy around. Though his weapons are more annoying than destructive, his ability to disappear in to the distance, while scanning for enemies in advance with his Radar Scanner, more than make up for his lack of raw power.


Though poorly armoured, and of average speed, the sniper is armed with an annoyingly damaging Nailgun and the seriously lethal Rifle supporting both 'single-shot' and 'assault' modes of operation. He also carries both Flashbangs and standard-issue Hand Grenades.


The destructive class of Q3F, that never goes out without a bang! Touting an Gauntlet, Single-Barrelled Shotgun, Grenade Launcher and Pipebomb Launcher, he's already well armed. Add to this his Cluster Grenades, standard-issue Hand Grenades and 'earth-shattering' HE Charges and you have one whole C4 box of fun!


Hardly any offence unit is complete without the Paramedic. Moderately fast, with an excellent combination of Single-Barrelled Shotgun, Double-Barrelled Shotgun and Super-Nailgun, he's already a worthy opponent to most classes in Q3F.


The backbone of any offence or defence operation, the Q3F soldier has developed over time to be one of the most popular classes to play. Requiring little more than a fast-trigger finger to get going with, this class offers bundles of scope for 'l33t skillz.' as your aim and timing improves.


Truly the 'Big-Daddy' of Q3F. The Minigunner carries by far the largest and most aggressive of all the Q3F weapons - The Minigun! If that's not trouble enough, he's also armed to the teeth with the latest in Cluster Bombs, standard-issue Hand Grenades, a Double-Barrelled Shotgun, and for last-ditch attempts at that enemy that 'just wont die' a Single-Barrelled Shotgun and a Gauntlet!


The arsonist of Q3F! With almost all his weapons dedicated to incinerating the enemy, even those that escape his immediate attack, often die from 3rd-degree burns within seconds. Amongst the arsenal of equipment carried by the Flametrooper, his two main weapons are the Lightweight Carbon-Format Flame-Thrower and Napalm Launcher. He also carries an Gauntlet, Shotgun, standard issue Hand Grenades and special Napalm Grenades.


The Agent is the infiltrating, back-stabbing, shadow class of Q3F. With his ability to both disguise and use invisibility, he's able to sneak through, and camp in, heavily defended areas.


The Engineer is the true defence and support class of Q3F. He is able to build Autosentries that automatically guard the team base and Supply Stations for team-mates to restock on ammunition and armour.

This file contains a full installation of Quake 3 Fortress v2.2, everything to start playing Q3F on another server or to start your own LAN game.

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Generations Arena

Generations Arena is a class-based modification for Quake III Arena created by Wirehead Studios. The twist is that the four new classes are based upon previous id Software games namely Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, Quake, Quake II and Quake III Arena.

Slipgate (Quake) and Strogg (Quake II) classes play quite authentically. The Doom class is spot on in weaponry, but now utilizes true freelook, ducking, jumping and the Quake III air physics to give a fresh feel to it (and for balance reasons). The Earth class is very loosely based on the Macintosh version of Wolfenstein 3D, with some creative liberties. Finally, the Arena Gladiator class represents the normal Quake III class, whose only new feature is a brand new BFG.

Classic maps, power-ups and weapon models have all been faithfully recreated to make this one of the most fun and playable mods for Quake III Arena ever made.

Extract the files so that you finish up with a directory named "generations" parallel to your "baseq3" directory. Then launch Quake III Arena (or even better, ioquake3 - see above) and connect to the server in the usual manner for some old school gaming action! If you prefer, Windows setup files can be obtained form the official website at

The Generations Arena mod is also fully compatible with OpenArena, which is free, so no purchase of Quake III Arena required!

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True Combat

True Combat is an action packed realism mod where big jumps, fancy strafing and fantasy weapons are no where to be seen. Expect hard fought team-based objective battles where staying alive is only the first challenge you will face!

The gameplay in True Combat is exactly what you would expect from a realistic modification. You'll find all the fundamental basics, including locational damage, increased falling damage, etc. And you'll also find bandages and "stim-patches" for that added boost, all of which adding greatly to the style of play that the True Combat team is looking to create. The gameplay shifts entirely from the "bounce around" combat style of vanilla Quake 3 into the (definitely) more realistic style of combat where the attacker gets the drop on the victim and just loads their body full of lead as fast as possible. The variance in armament keeps things interesting, and it becomes quite entertaining finding out who will win between a person loaded with an assault shotgun and machine gun.

  • Tactical mode wherein you aim using the iron sights of the actual gun; read: no crosshairs.
  • Two teams, different mission objectives, emphasising realistic team tactics.
  • Scriptable mission objectives in maps.
  • The ability for different weapons to penetrate different objects with varying degrees of success.
  • Realistic sounds for both enviroment and player.
  • The addition of C4 and smoke grenades to your arsenal.
  • New attachment system for weapon upgrades (scopes, silencers, laser sights, etc.).
  • Brand spankin' new models for the weapons and player.
  • A host of new animations for weapon reloads, player movement, etc.
  • Realistic lens flares, glare, and flash blend effects.
  • Multilayer bullet penetration system.
  • Freeclimb
  • Voice commands for quick communication with teammates.
  • The choice between 4 different huds, including the old-school flavor from previous builds.

The best realism mod for Quake III Arena now that Urban Terror is standalone. As with most mods, type /exec server.cfg at the console to start your own LAN game.

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