Challenge ProMode Arena

Challenge ProMode Arena (CPMA, formerly Challenge ProMode (CPM), unofficially 'Pro Mode') is a freeware modification for id Software's first-person shooter computer game Quake III Arena (Q3A). CPMA includes modified gameplays that feature air-control, rebalanced weapons, instant weapon switching and additional jumping techniques. It also supports the unmodified vanilla Quake III (VQ3) physics, multi-view GameTV and demos, enhanced bots artificial intelligence, new maps, highly customisable HUD and many other features.

Challenge ProMode Arena has become the standard competitive mod for Q3A since the Cyberathlete Professional League announced CPMA as its competition mod of choice. The mod has its own division in Cyberathlete Amateur League,is used in Electronic Sports World Cup, and has its own competitions and leagues.

Promode physics have been implemented in other Q3A notable modifications - DeFRaG and Orange Smoothie Productions (OSP).

If you'd like to get involved in the European CPMA community, or would like more information on CPMA, a good place to start is

Project Page:

Game Server:

Challenge ProMode Arena is a modification for Quake III Arena, not a standalone game. You must have Quake III Arena already installed to use this mod. The files, when extracted, should end up in directory named cpma parallel to your baseq3 directory. Connecting to a cpma server will force the game to switch automatically you the cpma directory, or you can switch to cpma mod at any time from the mods menu in-game.