Quakeworld Dedicated Server howto

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Quakeworld Dedicated Server howto

If you are anything like myself, you are probably planning an old school LAN gaming party over the Christmas break. I'm going to show you how to get your own Quakeworld server going.

Quite often at these events people run games directly from their own laptop, and others connect. However, it is much better to get yourself an old desktop PC and whack on the latest Ubuntu Linux (or Xubuntu if it is particularly old) and use it as your game server. For simplicity, use 32 bit Ubuntu. Plug it in to one of the LAN ports on your router and give it a static IP address. Then all you need is to run your own Quakeworld server and have everyone connect with their favourite client! (alternatively, install Ubuntu into a virtual machine and switch on "bridging" in the virtual network settings, the machine shows up as if it was on your actual LAN).

For our purposes, the best server binaries to use are proabably ProQuake. We don't need muliple instances, demo recording or any of the advanced features offered by the likes of MVDSV/KTX (what we run the Quake.ie servers on). ProQuake is a faithful GLQuake/WinQuake style Quake client incorporating several common sense features Quake should have had from the start such as ping in scoreboard, precise aiming, loc support. It also has Linux server binaries that we can use easily. Grab the files here.

Preparing the Linux server

  •     Make a directory e.g. mkdir ~/quake
  •     Upload or copy the sqpro file into the quake directory
  •     You may need to make pqlinux executable: chmod +x ~/quake/sqpro
  •     Make qsecurity.so executiable too: chmod +x ~/quake/qsecurity.so
  •     Copy the id1 directory from your Quake game into quake

You should now have the following. If the filenames are not lowercase, you will need to lowercase them.

-- pqlinux
-- qsecurity.so
-- id1
 ---- config.cfg
 ---- pak0.pak
 ---- pak1.pak

I set up my options in the optional autoexec.cfg in the /home/rawshark/quake1/id1/ you have to create it yourself and populate it with stuff like

hostname "Nightmare b4 Christmas"
deathmatch 1
maxclients 8
fraglimit 30  
noexit 2
teamplay 0
timelimit 10
map dm2

and it will run on startup. now launch the server from a terminal:

cd ~/quake
./pqlinux &

you should now be able to connect to this server from your client machines.

connect <ip_of_server>

done! This SHOULD work, but may not depending on your actual setup and weather you install everything correctly. You can of course run a dedicated server on a Windows box too, but look out for issues relating to Windows firewall and other annoyances! Its also more likely to crash....

If you want something a bot more flexible, or want to actually put a real server out on the internet, then I suggest MVDSV. See here for a good setup tutorial.

See also this post.

See also this post.